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Audrey Cupples: Photos

special people + places

Audrey and Wynton Marsalis, 1985
Kissing Wynton Marsalis 1985
Cecil Leeson, Jean-Marie Londeix, Audrey Cupples 1985, World Sax Congress, Washington DC
President Bill Clinton, me, my Aunt Renee
Sammy Nestico! What a delight!
Steve and I got to speak with John Williams
I got to perform with Al Gallodoro... what a treat!
The legend.... Al Gallodoro
The Scottish Pipe Major-- taken in England
Working at the White House
Ariel Klein painted this huge portrait of me :)


Playing a solo with "The President's Own"- 2013
Playing a solo with 'The President's Own" for educators & students
Playing a solo for the Women's 40th Anniversary Concert-2013
Playing clarinet at the Classical Music Hall of Fame Concert

educational outreach

Sitting in with the saxes during band class
Playing a quartet recital for HS kids-Music in the schools


dibida logo--used for products
dibida logo-- used for Audrey's recording/performing projects


Stuff you can BUY! The t-shirt is the background!
Blue Dragon Silk Reed Case
The inside of the Blue Dragon reed case for 6 reeds
Red Egyptian Reed Case for 6 reeds
Snake Skin Leather reed case for 6 reeds
The inside of the snake skin alto reed case
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