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Audrey Cupples: Press

"During my lifetime I have received hundreds of recordings from fellow saxophone players, but never have I received one that has prompted me to write a review. To state the musicianship of Audrey Cupples on her CD titled Sunshine and Tears as outstanding is an ample start. There were many components of her beautiful sound that immediately were apparent to me as I listened to her CD the first time, her vibrato and intonation and her rich full sound. Varied playing styles emerged as I listened to her Tribute to Rudy Wiedoeft, Love Song by Johannes Brahms, Eugene Bozza's Aria for saxophone and piano (where you will hear the most sublime fade-out on the last note of the piece!), Lawson Lunde's Sonata for Alto Sax and Piano, Irving Berlin's Cheek to Cheek (where she has a very defined jazz-sound in the middle strain!), amongst other fine pieces.

We can hear her mastery of her instruments through the precision with which she plays the JeanJean Quatour Pour Saxophones, incidentally, over-dubbing all the parts herself, alto, soprano, tenor, and baritone. It is evident that the pieces for Sunshine and Tears were very thoughtfully chosen since they aptly showcase Audrey Cupples' capabilities as an all-around player.

The distinction of Audrey Cupples being the first female soloist for the US Marine Band may pale by comparison to having the distinction of being such a fine artist. Having had the opportunity to meet Audrey and perform Jimmy Dorsey's Oodles of Noodles with her recently, I can also add that I have never met such a proficient sight-reader in all my years! Yes, I was amazed by the woman with whom I swapped CDs a few months ago!"

Al Gallodoro, perhaps best known for his long association with the Paul Whiteman band, as well as playing under the batons of Toscanini and Stowkoski, has had a career spanning over eight decades, and is as still actively performing and teaching in upstate New York. Articles on Gallodoro have appeared in the September/October 1989, and March/April 1995 issues of Saxophone Journal (which included a CD of duets Gallodoro recorded with Dale Underwood). There are several albums and CDs to his credit, as well as a recent tour of Holland where he recorded his latest CD, Out of Nowhere. With performances scheduled for the New Orleans, Clarinetfest, 2001, it is clear that the 87 year old Gallodoro shows no signs of slowing down!
"Audrey Cupples is a rare artist of the saxophone, following in the footsteps of the great Alfred Gallodoro. Her impeccable playing combines uninhibited enthusiasm and abandon with the highest degree of musical insight, tonal polish, and rhythmic precision."
Tim Foley, Director, "The President's Own" US Marine Band
"The distinction of Audrey Cupples being the first female [saxophone] soloist for the US Marine Band may pale by comparison to having the distinction of being such a fine artist."
Al Gallodoro
"With her CD, Sunshine and Tears, Audrey Cupples has shown stunning musicianship and belongs in the league of top saxophone performers."
Dale Underwood