Arranging like crazy

I was asked to arrange a few pieces for the Saxophone Concert--November 23rd at the Marine Barracks Annex in Sousa Hall. This concert is celebrating Adolphe Sax's 200th b-day! I arranged "Stars and Stripes Forever" by JP Sousa for 10 saxes... sopranino, 2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors, 2 baris, bass. I used 9 saxes (no sopranino) for my arrangement of MIlhaud's "Suite Francaise"-- mvts 3, 4, + 5. There will be percussion too. I used 10 saxes and percussion for Grainger's "Lost Lady Found." They're also playing my arrangement of "Old Castle" by Mussorgsky. This is gonna be a fun concert! Come on out!

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